Matrix-Style Network Management

 - Jun 25, 2007
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Whitedust Labs today released an eagerly anticipated new version 1.2 of Eve (, the first software suite to model real-time network traffic in a 3D format. Eve produces stunning visualizations of traffic flow as it happens and provides network admins with an in-sight into networks never before possible.

"The latest version of Eve has some very unique features", said Eve lead developer Mark Anderson, "we have taken a large step forward in terms of network understanding with this release. The administrator can now actually see the route that packets are taking to their destination."

Network CCTV functions are also included in version 1.2 - network traffic can be logged to a database for later playback and examination. "Imagine coming into work on a Monday morning to find our you've been hacked, whats the first thing you should do? Open up Eve and scroll back the timecode to Saturday morning to see exactly what happened and when" said Jake Black, Eve developer. "CCTV for your network is a mind-blowing idea. Never before have network forsenics been so easy."