The Lean Mean Green Machine is Perfect for the Growing Gearhead

 - Oct 19, 2011
References: hammacher & gizmodo
The Lean Mean Green Machine is quite possibly the most ostentatious tricycle I've ever seen, as its 9-foot-long chassis is complimented by an 8.5 gallon tank and a 60HP engine.

Some kids are given tricycles, while others receive those cool motorized Hasbro cars. Some children, however, are so doted upon by their parents that finding a Lean Mean Green Machine concealed by a tarp in the closet would not be totally unheard of. At a cool $75,000, you'd have to really love your kid before picking up one of these trikes. But be cautious! With great power comes responsibility, and the 50mp/h capacity of this tricycle is not only impressive, but genuinely dangerous.

Whether the Green Machine is street legal or even requires a license is still unknown.