Leah Fraser's Paintings Depict Different Cultural Healing Practices

 - May 18, 2014
References: leahfraser.au & honestlywtf
Imaginative artist and illustrator Leah Fraser depicts different cultural healing practices in her latest series of colorful paintings. Each work of art showcases a different mythical female character known for her supernatural healing practices from several countries around the world.

Fraser's paintings focus on strong and spiritual female characters from different worldly myths and legends. In this series, Fraser paints these female deities dressed in ceremonial lace and patterned garments holding several pieces of rustic weaponry. The characters are shown engaging in various mysterious rituals surrounded by tropical plants and savage animals. The technicolor hues of the painting really bring these characters to life. While these female characters are beautiful, they posses an eerie and mysterious mystic about them like most deity figures do.