'Law & Order' Shows 25 Penitentiaries in Four Countries

 - Sep 25, 2016
References: janbanning & fastcodesign
Jan Banning's 'Law & Order' is a photography book that depicts 25 different prisons in four countries around the world. The pictures in the book invite ruminations on prison architecture, culture, and, ultimately, the differences in jurisprudence around the world.

The four countries that Banning traveled to for 'Law & Order' are France, Uganda, Colombia and the United States. Each of these countries are intentionally on different continents, a decision made to emphasize the variances between penitentiaries as much as possible.

The prisons themselves vary from maximum to minimum security, and thus the images are at times terrifyingly bleak while sometimes almost charming. For instance, Lille Prison in France has a well-maintained turf soccer field, while Dekalb Prison in Georgia, USA, has a stark and brutal look that makes viewers fear institutionalization.