The 'Lava Cube of Fire' from Secret North is a Cubed Fireplace

 - Aug 13, 2010   Updated: Jul 5 2011
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Secret North has done an amazing job at recreating the traditional fireplace in an innovative and interesting way, namely with their Lava Cube of Fire fireplace, which is a cube that emits fire.

These ornate fireplaces are made with Icelandic lava and are decorated with black fiber and wooden symbols. According to, the symbol itself "is a protective symbol... offering balance and natural energy to the surroundings."

Implications - With the rise of electronic heaters, the functional purpose of fireplaces has taken a backseat to their aesthetic and decorative purpose. As a result, companies that create home furnishing accessories have invented endless and creative takes on this traditional home staple that possess the same comforting aesthetic quality as a real fireplace, but are easier to use.