The Laufen Florakids Bathroom is Playful and Imaginative

 - Dec 1, 2011
References: uk.laufen & trendir
Since adults tend to have restrooms all to themselves, it is only fair that children should enjoy their own as well, and the Laufen Florakids bathroom offers just that. A colorful, playful and imaginative space, this kid-centric bathroom may entice kids more than their actual playrooms.

From washbasins shaped like blossoming flowers to toilet seats that look like neon green goo, the Laufen Florakids bathroom is filled with wonderful designs. In fact, it rivals the eccentricity of Alice's Wonderland, so much so that children will think that they have stepped into a whole new world when they enter the Laufen Florakids bathroom for the first time.

The Laufen Florakids bathroom also boasts kid safety features such as rounded corners, potty training toilet seats and easy to use faucets. The Laufen Florakids bathroom works to teach children about hygiene in a fun way.