These Ads Aim to Challenge Popular Latino Stereotypes

 - Jan 10, 2013
References: ibelieveinadv
This set of ads comes from Latin Stock in Ecuador and aim to break down common Latino stereotypes. The ads are pretty straightforward and blatantly call out Latino stereotypes by placing Latinos in the exact same scenarios as Caucasians and pointing out the differences in perception.

For instance, one ad starts by setting the scene of a white man reading the newspaper; the conclusion drawn from that scene is the white man is a stock broker. The same scene involving a Latino man is then presented, but the assumption is he must be unemployed. A white man mowing his lawn must be retired, while a Latino man mowing his lawn must be an immigrant.

These Latino stereotypes are longstanding prejudices that these ads aim to defuse. It seems like these ads are as much aimed at Latinos themselves as anyone else.