'Late Night Shop' is a Nightmare World Where Mannequins Come to Life

 - Sep 25, 2015
References: latenightshopgame & roadtovr
'Late Night Shop' is a haunting first-person game that uses virtual reality to its full potential, creating frighteningly immersive suspense and scares.

The premise of 'Late Night Shop' is exactly what its title suggests. The player is trapped in Primark, a British department store chain, after closing time. The late night shop setting is dark and shadowy, and the designers tried to introduce enough "spatial weirdness" to throw the player off without making them sick.

The possessed mannequin characters only move when no one is watching them, which allows for a unique aspect of game-play: a click to blink function where the screen goes blank when the player holds their mouse down. A quick blink can induce mannequins to lift a limb or move an inch, indicating that they are bad, nightmare mannequins rather than regular, clothes-wearing mannequins.

The pattering of mannequin feet and the unsettling atmosphere of 'Late Night Shop' make it an all-encompassing virtual reality horror experience.