The Laser Eye Center Ads Illustrate a Prison-Like Feeling

 - Jan 16, 2012
References: paceadv & adsoftheworld
Any kind of operation is always risky business, but these Laser Eye Center ads may have you thinking of those risks more as opportunities. The campaign captures the restrictive feeling that wearing glasses may cause you.

The Laser Eye Center ads were created and designed by Pace Advertising in the USA and feature a prisonlike experience complete with a barred-off window shaped in a pair of glasses. The window looks out onto a beautiful field of grass and a pond reflecting a blue sky. The restricting quality is further enhanced by the accompanying copy: "For how long will you just see the world through your glasses? Release your eyes by Lasik."

If you've been thinking about fixing your vision, the Laser Eye Center ads may just be the thing to convince you.