This Large Jewelry Box is a Collapsible Armoire That Displays Accessories

 - Aug 13, 2015
References: & designboom
Polish designer Pam Marcisz created this large jewelry box that combines functionality with convenience. The large jewelry box is used like a display case and can be transported to various locations using its built-in wheel mechanism.

The entire display case is made from wood and is completely collapsible, which gives it the ability to fold up and be stored away. When the display case is open, it boasts three unique sections that mimic a room divider. These two outer panels are equipped with trays and drawers that can be tilted to the correct angle for supported jewelry storage.

The middle sections are equipped with a circular mirror that is lined with guitar-like cords. These pieces of string can be used to hang images of favored jewelry pieces or posters.Photo Credits: designboom,