The 'Intrepid 8x10' Large Format Camera is Lightweight and Affordable

 - May 29, 2017
References: kickstarter & geeky-gadgets
The smartphone has largely become one of the most popular methods for many users to snap photos, but the 'Intrepid 8x10' large format camera has the ability to offer expansive uses for photographers to enjoy.

The 'Intrepid 8x10' camera is capable of creating large format photos that are crisp in quality and stunningly detailed to bring a somewhat outdated method back into prominence.

Photography has shifted over the past several years from being a niche pastime, to something that virtually anyone with a smartphone can partake in at any time. The 'Intrepid 8x10' large format camera aims to make it possible to take stunning photos with a piece of equipment that is inherently lightweight and foldable for enhanced portability.