Unearth Opportunity and Investigate Patterns in Portable Computers

 - Mar 29, 2012
References: trendreports
Laptop computers today are more powerful, perform faster, have more storage and are incredibly more sleek and well-designed compared to predecessors. Utilizing research in the Laptop Trend Report, users will gain a greater understanding of the current landscape of mobile computers.

With the popularity of smartphones and tablets, the laptop industry is finally being rivaled for consumer interest. Because of this competition, computer companies are now creating impressive laptops that are sleek, fast and durable. Apple's MacBook series and Sony's VAIO laptops are among the best available. However, there are third party companies out there that refurbish these products, adding unique twists to them such as cooling pads, hybrid keyboards and solar panels.

Use the 139 PRO Trends and hundreds of examples of laptop research to gain insight and get the upper hand in the marketplace.