The L'amore Excellent Campaign is Darkly Delectable

 - Dec 18, 2013
Food and fashion go hand in hand, as the L'amore Excellent ad campaign can attest to. Women can often crave for a new ring or bracelet like they do for a mouthwatering morsel of mussel or a bite of cake. In this case, the L'amore Excellent ad campaign focuses on dark, opulent surroundings that complement both the rich foods and the luxe jewelry for which the photoshoot was put together.

The L'amore Excellent ad campaign was lensed by photographer Andrey Yakovlev. It stars Avant models' Lera. The dark-haired beauty was clad in equally elegant gowns by stylist Gala Borzova. Yet it is the stunning accessories that stand out. The looks were perfected by hairstylist Evgenia Dubchak and makeup artist Lili Aleeva.