The Lamia Stool's Complex Composition Intrigues the Onlooker

 - Jan 22, 2014
References: yukihirokaneuchi
The Lamia Stool is very much unlike your average backless seating object that is often quite minimalist in design. This one has been made from metal, resin and rock components that have been produced in curious lengths and shapes and arranged in a fascinating way.

Yukihiro Kaneuchi endeavored to ask the consumer several questions with this creation: "Did the product exist before it was made physical?" How did it come to be? Does its complete form represent the original concept? The Lamia Stool does reach out to interact with its user, thanks to a composition that extends beyond one's expectations. The stainless steel and brass rods escape from the rigid frame, and the seat seems to terminate in an eroded under surface.