The Photography by Laina Briedis is a Beautiful Introspection of Emotions

 - Jan 21, 2012
References: flickr & booooooom
Using 35mm color film, typically at ISO 400-200, the American photographer Laina Briedis, who goes by the name of eros turannos on Flickr, captures spontaneous moments of life. Emotions, dreams and memories are some of the feelings evoked by these gorgeous captures.

"I crave so desperately to create such moments: instants of existential clarity," declares Briedis to Feaverish Photography Blog. This way of thinking explains why her visual work feels so philosophical and lyrical: a poetry of color and moments. In fact, bright hues is an essential part of Briedis' photos, something she is inspired by. This need for bold tonalities is evident by the way the artist captures stunning landscapes and subjects.

Artistically deep and emotionally rich, the shots by Laina Briedis transport audiences to dream-like states. Her work is available at