The Custom Lady Gaga Princess Jeans Could Easily Be a DIY Project

For once, fans of Lady Gaga will be able to wear the same Lady Gaga princess pants, or the same entire outfit as the pop star without getting weird stares on the street. Gaga was seen earlier this week at the Narita International Airport sporting a natural hair color, an inside-out white t-shirt and a pair of custom hand-painted Disney Princess Jeans from Dog in Japan.

Gaga's custom jeans feature the faces of two Disney princesses on each leg, showing the visages of Ariel, Jasmine, Snow White and Cinderella. Because the look is so easy to recreate, the jeans would be an easy enough DIY project for some ambitious Little Monsters, or just Disney fans in general. The look could be re-made with some fabric paint, a pair of thrifted jeans and a talented artist to paint the faces of the Disney princesses.