Go Veggie's Deli Slices are Made Without Lactose and Soy Ingredients

 - Jan 9, 2016
References: goveggiefoods
Go Veggie's plant-based Deli Slices provide a flavorful option for consumers who are seeking lactose-free cheese.

The versatile Deli Slices come in three flavors, including Sriracha, White Cheddar and Pepper Jack, which provides plenty of opportunity to add the cheese products to a number of dishes. Since the cheese products are able to be sliced, stretched and melt, this means that they can be used in not only cold sandwiches, but hot dishes as well.

As far as the composition of its alternative cheese products, Go Veggie uses a variety of natural ingredients such as rice and potatoes to simulate the taste and texture of cheese. In addition to being lactose-free, these particular cheese alternatives are soy-free as well.