The L.E.FT Architects Bird House Aims to Please

 - Jul 6, 2012
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The L E FT Architects Bird House is a stunning piece that provides a poignant message on life during wartime. Created by the New York-based design collective L.E.FT Architects, the work examines, "the intersections of cultural and political productions...with an interest in diverse programs, a focus on unconventional interpretations of the design posited, redefining the relationship between the object and both its context and its users," according to its site.

And by using 2,500 empty stray brass bullets found in areas of Lebanon where hunting occurs. Aesthetically, the bullets create a stunning texture, while on a deeper level it examines the piece as both a house and a cage. The L.E.FT Architects Bird House is a limited edition piece part of the House of Today Exhibit.