Hardware LDN's Mamacita Top Mimics Kourtney Kardashian's Style

Kourtney Kardashian's style is commemorated in Hardware LDN's clothing line through the chic 'Mamacita Top.' The company offers outrageously bold designs at cost-effective prices, making it an ideal brand for the Millennial consumer.

The crushed-velvet top, styled with magenta pink snakeskin ankle-crop pants, is not only a tasteful juxtaposition of textures, but also a fierce choice for fashion-minded females. The product descriptions further enforce this strong mentality. The Mamacita Top write-up begins with: "ladies, with this top you can let your sexy inner mamacita out and shine like the star you are," while further explaining that one can wear the shirt off or on the shoulder, depending on how sassy one feels.