Koobismo Spearheads Take Back ME3 with 'Marauder Shields' Comic

 - May 27, 2012
References: koobismo.deviantart & twitter
Until BioWare officially releases their extended cut ending for Mass Effect 3, fans can at least bask in the awesome comic deviantART user Koobismo is crafting. Titled ‘Marauder Shields’ after an in-joke that exploded online around the same time outrage over the Mass Effect 3 ending engulfed the Internet, Koobismo’s graphically stunning rendition of what the conclusion should have been is already garnering thousands of views. The project is also a major component of the Take ME3 Back campaign, which is working tirelessly to give fans a satisfying close to the Mass Effect trilogy.

Popularity over Koobismo’s work has grown to the point where audiobooks of his endings are now available. Fan devotion to the Mass Effect series is clearly unwavering, and BioWare can learn a thing or two from its core audience in how to conclude a story.