The Kohler Touchless Toilet Uses Hand Sensors to Flush

 - May 13, 2014
References: us.kohler & neatorama
This Kohler touchless toilet automatically flushes when users place their hand over the sensor. This innovative toilet design will help keep bathrooms cleaner, improve health and keep bacteria at bay in any home.

The Kohler touchless toilet is a technologically savvy bathroom appliance that functions based off of innovative hand sensor technology. Instead of having to touch a potentially bacteria-covered toilet handle to flush, users can now simply over their hand horizontally over top of the toilet tank cover. The sensor located at the right-hand corner will detect the hand's presence alerting the toilet to flush. The stylish, minimal and compact design of the Kolher touchless toilet makes this bathroom appliance a great addition to any home. Children and adults alike will appreciate this cleaner alternative to conventional toilet flushing.