'Know Your Worth' Estimates Fair Salaries Based on Skills and Experience

 - Oct 19, 2016
References: glassdoor & mashable
'Know Your Worth' is a helpful tool for people negotiating their salaries. Especially for new college graduates with little to no experience on the job market, it can be difficult to accurately assess one's value -- and thus their deserved earnings -- in a given position. Know Your Worth, a tool from employment start-up Glassdoor, uses its wealth of employment information to make that estimation for users.

To use the tool, users simply enter their current employer, the location of their job, their job title, their years of experience, their education, and their current salary. Know Your Worth takes that information and churns out an estimate of users "Market Value" as well as a graph that shows how one's current salary compares to the average salary for a similar employee in the same location.