Knitted Costumes by TheMiniatureKnitShop are the Perfect Gift

 - Aug 24, 2012
References: etsy
These Knitted Costumes by TheMiniatureKnitShop make the ultimate baby shower present. Coming in an array of adorable patterns and animals, these slippers, hats and "costumes" offer the coziness of regular hats and slippers, but with a sweet and awesome design.

Sure to make the toddler in your life the coolest baby on the block, the Knitted Costumes by TheMiniatureKnitShop have options of lobster, bird, flamingo, owl and penguin.

Though they only fit kids up to 12 months of age, these pieces are making me want a pair -- specifically, the frog slippers. With webbed duck, frog and dragon toes, these costumes offer amazing versatility and comfort. Made especially for delicate baby skin, these 100% lambswool accessories are of an increased variety of comfort. Made out of London, England, each item is custom made to order.