The KLOEZZE Firewood by Supergrau is Perfect for Contemporary Urban Homes

 - Oct 26, 2012
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Contemporary homes that are lucky enough to have working fireplaces may want kindling to match its modern decor; that's where the KLOEZZE Firewood comes in. Perfectly cut into rectangular wooden blocks, the KLOEZZE Firewood will not seem out of place in a person's sophisticated living space. Piled chicly by the hearth or formed into temporary side tables until used, these wooden 'logs' are just what urban homeowners need.

The KLOEZZE Firewood was created by Supergrau, a German-based firm founded by Denis Cegielski, Tobias Welzel und Bjoern Berger. According to the designers, the KLOEZZE Firewood was "born from the unspoilt provocative idea to top off the consumption of the superfluous and to offer a designed firewood, KLOEZZE was created: a loose piece of furniture with system character."