The 'Klein Bottle House' by McBride Charles Ryan Plays With Lines

Sharp angles and boxy fashions have not only become popular in recent fashion collections, but they continue to be featured in architectural designs like the 'Klein Bottle House' by the architects at McBride Charles Ryan. This particular abode plays with some of the sharpest architectural angles I have ever seen.

The ' 'Klein Bottle House' is a 258-square-meter weekend house that would easily satisfy the demands of even the most particular guests. In order to respond well to the steep topography of the region, the 'Klein Bottle House' was built using angular architecture that proves to be both efficient and alluring to the eye.

Implications - Architecture that is catered specifically to the particular region it is located is an example of how businesses need to cater their products according to the lifestyles of their target audience. Products that do so will find that their audience is receptive and highly appreciative of this acceptance of their lifestyles from companies.