The 'Heat-Save Kettle' Saves Energy by Absorbing Excess Heat

 - Feb 23, 2017
References: yankodesign
A large amount of the energy created by a stove is lost, so the 'Heat-Save Kettle' is a kitchen kettle that aims to absorb the heat that would otherwise be lost.

The 'Heat-Save Kettle' works by being placed on the surface of a stove around the element rather than on top of it. This enables the kettle to absorb heat passively and to regenerate the heat that would otherwise be lost during the cooking process. This heated water from the kitchen kettle can then be used after cooking has finished to make tea, be used to wash the dishes or one of many other purposes.

The 'Heat-Save Kettle' is the design work of Li Yi, Zhang Sen, Hao Hao and Qian Cheng.