Kiss Miklos Crafts Signage that References Several Different Eras

 - Jan 6, 2012
References: kissmiklos & thedieline
Visual artist Kiss Miklos created the astounding typography packed signage for the Design Terminal's Christmas showcase of Hungarian designers entitled the Ajándék Terminál exhibition. The exhibition provided exposure for over 50 talented designers. The signage associated with the non-profit organization's design event combined classical typography with calligraphy and other forms of vintage typography.

Drawing influence from various artist movements and eras of design, Kiss Miklos created promotional material for the event that celebrated every possible influence represented at the Ajándék Terminál Exhibition. Despite using a variety of styles, Kiss Miklos manages to unite the mismatched aesthetics and create a unified representation of the exhibit itself. The use of a jet-black background and white lettering is, albeit, predictable, yet effective.

Simple, varied and impactful, the Ajándék Terminál Exhibition signage is the perfect celebration of aesthetics throughout history.