The 'Kiss' Ads Have Gum Bubbles Transforming into Lovers

 - Jun 9, 2013
References: ibelieveinadv
In the 'Kiss' ads promoting for Topline Gum, gum bubbles transform into the heads of lovers. Each print ad features a different person-gum couple engaging in some light lip-locking action. Along with the image of sweet make-outs is the text "Made for kissing" arranged in the form of luscious lips.

The gum featured in the ads includes mint, strawberry and bubblegum. Each flavor has its own distinct color of gum head and text accompanying it.

Designed by Brazilian ad agency 'Leo Burnett Tailor Made,' the ads are meant to emphasize Topline's strong brand that focuses on kissing. Past campaigns have also been centered around the gum's potential for pre-kiss freshening. The current print ads continue with the same thread as past ads while targeting both men and women.