Benjamin Muzzin Explores the Third Dimension in 'Full Turn'

 - Dec 16, 2014
References: muzzo.tumblr & thisiscolossal
For his diploma project at ECAL, Benjamin Muzzin designed a kinetic light sculpture titled 'Full Turn.'

The visually arresting piece was made by placing two flat screen monitors back-to-back, before spinning them at incredibly high speeds. The speed and frequency of motion resulted in hovering, three-dimensional light forms that made up the "sculptures."

Instead of relying on the usual frame of the flat screen, Muzzin was interested in using it to give "animations volume in space." His exploration of the third dimension creates a dizzying visual installation. He explains, "Due to the persistence of vision, the shapes that appear on the screen turn into kinetic light sculptures." Viewers will be instantly mesmerized, and perhaps even hypnotized, by these kinetic patterns.