The 3D Kinect Art Portraits are Beautifully Blurred

 - Jun 1, 2013
Artist Mike Pelletier uses Microsoft's Kinect as a 3D scanner to create ambiguous-looking people in 'Kinect Portraits.'

Microsoft's Kinect is a web cam-like, motion-detecting device that senses and captures body movement for XBOX games. Mike Pelletier creatively uses the Kinect to create 3D images, rather than the conventional 2D images, by moving the camera entirely around the subject. If the subject is able to stay still enough, the result is these neat pixelated 3D images.

Mike Pelletier's Kinect Portraits look more like gold sculptures rather than painting portraits. Because the Kinect camera can't pick up too much detail, there aren't any distinct facial features or details in the portraits so the emphasis is entirely on the shapes and forms. A beautifully geometric portrait rendition, these 3D Kinect Portraits are a technological take on the art of portrait drawing.