These Kim Hyo-Suk Acrylic Paintings Morph Humans and Architecture

 - Jun 27, 2011
References: neolook & thisiscolossal
These paintings by Korean artist Kim Hyo-Suk are mind-blowing, yet deceiving to the naked eye. The acrylic paintings appear almost surely to be digitally manipulated, but all it takes is a closer look to realize that these masterpieces are entirely hand-painted. Hyo-Suk is an artistic visionary. While most artists are restricted by their subjects to certain genres, she features human figures and incredibly complex architectural figures converging into each other in a beautiful way.

The real-life versions of the paintings are truly enormous, each roughly 6×7 feet in scale. The awe-inspiring series, entitled My Floating City, has been featured in a few local exhibitions and museums; but sadly, little information is offered about this original artist and her cutting-edge works.

Implications - Technology and digital manipulation has changed the face of art in many ways, so much so that art that is hand made is perceived as requiring extraordinary vision, patience and talent. Artists who use traditional, simplistic means like paintbrush and canvas to create complex imagery fit into this category and garner substantial consumer interest.