KidsLofty Transforms Contemporary Interiors into Dynamic Playgrounds

Straying away from the basics is how Alegre Industrial Studio created 'KidsLofty.'

Rather than your standard loft ladder, these iterations come in different shapes and forms: the Square, the Tube and the Snake. The designs are playful and inventive; more importantly, they are a brand-new take on something that's often dismissed as very basic.

The Snake ladder, for instance, is a combination of two ladders, which create an alternating open-and-close silhouette. The Square, on the other hand, is a minimalist design that replaces evenly aligned steps with more abstract rungs. Lastly, the Tube has a vaguely spinal look, emphasized by the top "cage" structure, which resembles a vertebrae. All of the designs, however, display the power of imagination and play.