Kevin Grennan Induces Emotions Through the Simulation of Sweat Glands

 - Jun 29, 2011
References: kevingrennan & neatorama
Russian psychologist Ivan Pavlov used a bell to condition his patients; multi-disciplined designer Kevin Grennan uses a robotic armpit. With the study of science and human functions to back his theory up, he has decided to explore the effect that sweat glands have on human productivity and emotions. His own research has proven that certain scents manipulate human emotional reactions.

Augmenting three existing industrial robots, Kevin Grennan preys on feelings of fear, focus and trust. For instance, his bomb disposal robot releases the scent of human fear, therefore enhancing cognitive performance. Kevin Grennan proposes that it be used to encourage people to work more effectively and to differentiate dangerous situations from false alarms.

Kevin Grennan's proposal of using robots to illicit certain reactions continues to close the gap between humans and androids.