The Kekemelodi Print Ads Inject Humor Into a Serious Matter

 - Jan 21, 2014
References: ddb & adsoftheworld
Not being able to verbally express yourself properly can be a very frustrating thing, but these ads for Kekemelodi Stuttering Therapy Classes offer a humorous twist to a usually serious matter.

Created by DDB&CO ad agency in Turkey, the campaign features three images that visualize stuttering in a way that makes it funny, lighthearted and relatable even to those who don't have a stuttering problem. One of the ads includes three images of a pink bra followed by an equal sign and then a brush; even a simple one-syllable word like brush can be met with frustration by those who stutter, but the Kekemelodi ads manage to show this with a great amount of humor.

Take a look at the Kekemelodi ad campaign above to see some laugh out loud creativity.