Keiko Fukuda is the First Female 10th Degree Black Belt

 - Aug 14, 2011
References: facebook & laughingsquid
Keiko Fukuda is a lovely and gorgeous 98-year-old who was just promoted to the highest rank in the Japanese martial art of Judo. The Judan is also known as the 10th degree black belt, and Fukuda is the first female to receive this honor. Receiving the Judan is considered the ultimate achievement in Judo, as it is an extremely rare occurrence. Only three other living masters have achieved such a status and they have all been men.

Keiko Fukuda is not only a student and practicer of Judo, but she is also a teacher. She believes that these traditions should be passed down to all woman so that they can defend themselves. Her motto is simple and is the basis for her short film: "Be gentle, kind and beautiful, yet firm and strong, both mentally and physically." Wiser words were never spoken from a wiser and gentler woman.