The Kay Van Vree 'Flatten' Video Makes Playing with Food Fun

 - Jun 4, 2012
References: thecuriousbrain
The Kay van Vree 'Flatten' film squashes the competition. Inspired to see what would happen to the form of food when they were squashed down, the visuals of this experiment film were created by Hugo de Kok and Kay van Vree. Going against the notion not to play with your food, this video flattens eggs, sushi and desserts only to create beautiful results.

Hugo de Kok and Kay van Vree created explosive patterns using the flattened food. The compressed food ruptures across the white board leaving a trail of colors. The visuals are then accompanied by the music of Ivo van Dijk and Sophie Ansems, which creates a playfully robotic sequence of the crushing and reassembling of the food. The eggs may be a predictable choice but still look very neat, while chocolate-covered desserts cracks into multiple pieces having the best compression.