The KALQ Keyboard is an Efficient Redesign for Accelerated Alphabetic Input

 - Apr 26, 2013
References: & dezeen
Whether or not the QWERTY keyboard is sufficiently efficient for a regular laptop or desktop keyboard, users of tablets have come to complain that it certainly is not the most logical layout for them. The KALQ Keyboard has been designed with thumb-based typing techniques in mind, dividing up the work between your digits equally and accommodating for the most frequently input words.

It was researchers from Scotland's University of St. Andrews who came up with this innovative keyboard redesign. It splits the collection of keys into two halves, concentrating them to the left and right sides of the touchscreen device. You'll find only consonants on the former and mostly vowels on the latter. Compatible with Android tablets, the KALQ Keyboard app will soon be available as a free download, from which iPad users will later benefit.