The Kaleido Trays by Clara Von Zweigbergk are Playful and Practical

 - Nov 16, 2012
References: claravonzweigbergk & design-milk
Home decor doesn't just end at throw pillows, vases and wallpaper, items like the Kaleido Trays can have an even bigger impact since they are used when hosting a party, be it big or small. A modular set of platters, the vibrant colors and geometric shapes (which mimic the patterns found in a kaleidoscope) bring a playful aesthetic to food displays.

Created by Swedish designer Clara Von Zweigbergk for Hays, the Kaleido Trays can easily be used for items other than food. The individual trays can be arranged and rearranged to help organize jewelry and other loose knickknacks. Available in a range of sizes, they are made out of metal. They are great for modern homes.