The KaKaK Toilet Brush is a Twisted Play on a Toilet Accessory

 - Jan 3, 2012
References: industrialdesignserved
Westerners are often quite happy to pretend that nothing foul happens within the four walls of the washroom, and this tendency is precisely what gives the KaKaK Toilet Brush its coarse charm. Jordi Pla Studio S.L designed this piece to fit amidst the decor of any bathroom, adding a touch of playful inappropriateness through the whimsical swirling form of the base.

The bowl scrubber was designed for Homewood International and made of polypropylene in a selection of cheerful colors. The blue, pink, white and black models have a fun formal quality, and it may only be through the brown version that you'll recognize the rude reference. The "caca" KaKaK Toilet Brush takes the shape of a pile of poo, which coils up into the handle shaft.