The Kage Roi

 - Jun 28, 2008
References: pinktentacle
Brainstorming is a crucial part of innovation, which is why we always get excited when we find new inventions to make the process even more productive. The Kage Roi is an interactive brainstorming table that detects the ideas of those seated around the surface and offers them related media to further fuel the creative process.

In other words, the table developed by Kayac and Keio University researchers "listens" to the people seated around it, then projects media from the web pertaining to spoken key words.

"A ceiling-mounted projector then casts the retrieved data and imagery onto dark, human-shaped shadows on the table during the course of the meeting," according to Pink Tentacle. "The brainstormers can free-associate on the projected data, use it as a tool for discussion, or rely on it for helpful cues if ideas are running short."

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