The Jung Eunyoung Chairs Echo the Change of Fashion Garments

 - Nov 27, 2012
References: yankodesign & itsnicethat
The Jung Eunyoung chairs are dressed in different fabrics to create four differentiating seats. Eunyoung refers to his furniture series as the 'Clothing collection.' The objective is that the chairs are dressed in different garments similar to how one dresses their body. Fashion changes often therefore, the same chair goes through several changes.

The most appropriate seasonal design out of the Jung Eunyoung chairs clothing collection would be 'Happy Christmas,' which is a seat resembling a knitted holiday jumper. The 'My Puppy' chair is covered in soft sandy fur, very similar to the silky coat of man's best friends. When the chairs are placed in a line, you can see how the seats depict changing wardrobes.