The June Chandelier Delivers a Warm Elegance Where Metal's Not Up to Snuff

 - Jun 20, 2012
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It isn't common to come across an electrical candelabra crafted of timber, especially not sculpted in the manner of the June Chandelier. This exquisite fixture features curvaceous branches that mimic the elegant hooks of its elaborate cast metal counterparts.

Rich and grainy oak has been sawed into long and slender cuttings then manipulated to produce shapely boughs that cluster to form the chic rustic pendant lamp. The industrial intervention is evident in the crisp lines and the perfect arching forms, but Mikko Paakkanen's piece exudes an organic reference beyond its woody finish, with its offshoots that extend to inconsistent lengths.

At the tips of these branches you'll notice tiny rectangular lightbulbs. These avoid visually competing with the grandness of the June Chandelier's luxurious lumber bends, making the spectacle about the sculpture first, then its emission of warm light.