Juliette Cassidy Photographs a Brooding Nuria at the Beach

Juliette Cassidy teamed up with model Nuria for a C-Head exclusive editorial by the water. While the beach is known as a place where the living is easy, Nuria looks more than a little troubled. If I had a penny for her thoughts, I can only imagine she's pondering something heavy. The meaning of life, perhaps?

The duo traveled to Crystal Cove State Park to find the right emotional environment for Nuria's existential deliberations. Cassidy explains, "We always wanted to have an emotional balance that could help us to take roots somewhere. Now that it seems that we found it, we are not looking for anything else but the rough changes of nomadic life."

Despite her brooding expression, Nuria looks positively radiant in a mixture of vintage and American Apparel duds.