Artist Julien Malland Brings a Childish Quality to Street Murals

 - Jun 5, 2013
References: & laughingsquid
Julien Malland's latest mural has graced the streets of la gaie Paris with its childlike charm and vibrant color palette. The street mural depicts a young child lifting the wall as if it were fabric, revealing a circular rainbow underneath. The child strokes the rainbow with a yellow-tipped paintbrush, simultaneously helping to create the street mural while becoming an integral part of it.

The entire mural creates a Peter Pan-like effect. Viewers get swept away by a sense of nostalgia for their lost youth. The child depicted in the mural embodies an unbridled imagination, something that is usually lost in adulthood.

With this beautiful street mural, Julien Malland has proven once again that street art can enhance an avenue's beauty rather than detract from it. His art's childlike quality creates wonderment and awe in viewers, helping to restore at least a little bit of their childhood freedom.