This Juice Drink Puts a Healthy Spin on Creamsicle Flavors

 - Oct 11, 2016
References: jusbyjulie
'CITRUS TUR-EAMSICLE' is one of the many interesting and healthy juice drinks made by JÙS by Julie. What makes this one of particular interest is that this one is formulated and branded as a hybrid beverage that boasts citrus and turmeric flavors in its interpretation of a healthy creamsicle.

Other than orange and turmeric as its name suggests, the six-ingredient juice drink is made with just coconut meat, ginger, plus vanilla and maple sugar as natural sweeteners. As JÙS by Julie describes, "If Creamsicles met superfoods and had a baby, this is what it would taste like."

Because this juice drink features turmeric as a main ingredient, it is able to boast incredible anti-inflammatory properties, as well as the ability to assist with digestion and the replenishment of electrolytes.