Juan Sanchez Castillo's 'Making It Up' Series is Beautiful

As a man it can be easy to underestimate the amount of work women put in, in order to look "beautiful," however, Juan Sanchez Castillo’s series ‘Making It Up’ shows just how ignorant many have been to the whole process.

Juan Sanchez Castillo’s photographs depict miniature figurines interacting with the facial landscape of beautiful models. In two photos, a team of painters apply lipstick, another sees a face covered in "snow" as kids play in it; one has miniature face climbers rappelling down a strand of hair, and the final one sees a figure on a lawnmower passing over what appears to be a seaweed mask.

Juan Sanchez Castillo’s ‘Making It Up’ series is both whimsical and beautiful; I can only imagine the amount time and effort it must have taken to capture these shots.