The J.S. BURGERS CAFE Created Burgers That Represent the Candidates

Following up its gooey charcoal Ghostbusters-themed burger, Japan's J.S. BURGERS CAFE put together two different meals that consumers will be able to vote on during the USA's presidential election.

With two burgers representing Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, each is made with ingredients that make them wholly different. Dubbed simply 'Mr. Burger' and 'Mrs. Burger,' the former aims to encapsulate the New York lifestyle as well as Donald Trump.

J.S. BURGERS CAFE does this by using an aged beef patty, coleslaw, pastrami and Russian dressing -- the last ingredient referencing the Republican's rather disturbing claims of fondness towards Vladimir Putin. Mrs. Burger meanwhile is made to reflect Chicago and Hillary Clinton -- using ingredients like a grilled hot dog, mustard, pickles and celery salt.