Jürgen Heckel Dims the Forest Background to Create Eerie Shots

 - Oct 5, 2013
References: behance.net & behance.net
Jürgen Heckel is a talented photographer where he uses the blurring of photos to create frightening forest photographs. The photos each concentrate on a certain tree, or a part of the forest, and create a beautiful, melting-like effect.

The monochromatic images are perfect for any cottage as the nature photographs become unearthly because of the high contrast and unfocused subjects. One photo shows trees that line the horizon, making it unclear where they begin or end. Dark lines become indistinguishable as they melt towards the bottom and the top of the photograph. With dark skies in some of the photos, a creepy feeling is felt immediately.

Jürgen Heckel ads an edge to his forest photography, in which the sights of nature become ghostly rather than comforting.