JP London Design Curates the Work of Artists All Around the World

JP London Design is a website that houses some of the best of the best creatives from around the world. Its community is one based on creating modern and slightly unusual wall art. Anyone is free to join and submit their work but only the highest design quality is chosen. JP London Design prides itself on its strict curation yet encourages newcomers to showcase their creativity.

JP London Design's Products include gallery wrapped canvas, peel-and-stick prints and peel-and-stick murals -- a product no other commission site offers. The artist themselves choose their own commission, giving them the freedom to set the profit.

All chosen artists get their work featured on the main page the minute their art is approved. With the JP London Design homepage being rotated on a minute by minute basis, it really is a great way for maximum exposure of new product for the customers and heighten sales for the artist.