Jose Luis Carranza Illustrates Chaotic Pieces with Odd Characters

 - Dec 31, 2011
References: 81sanathorios.blogspot & bldgwlf
Though doe-eyes are often seen as a thing of beauty, Jose Luis Carranza may have taken it too far with these characters whose eyes are swollen, red and quite frankly creepy. This isn’t the only defining characteristic of a Carranza painting however, as he often illustrates highly busy scenes flooded with action within every quadrant of a composition.

Though Jose Luis Carranza is a little extreme, it doesn’t hurt his images in the slightest. In fact, it’s his boldness in rendering men with odd facial features amidst chaos that really makes his illustrations distinct and thrilling to look at. The individual pieces may be off-putting, but combined as a whole, Carranza’s artwork is actually quite beautiful.

Not much is known about Jose Luis Carranza other than his Peruvian heritage. His images will have to speak for themselves.